BoringDeals Telecommunications Comparison Engine

BoringDeals aggregates Internet, Cellular and Television plans across over 1300 providers. It contains millions of data points and typically loads each page in under 200ms.

Built on WordPress, custom PHP, MySQL, utilizing vanilla JS, CSS and jQuery for the front end.

Image Gallery

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Photos from interesting places I have traveled over the years, including my 2017 trip across America visiting roughly 20 National Parks. Powered by Piwigo, a PHP based image gallery. I currently shoot a Canon 5d2 and a Fuji X100.

Homeless Furballs is a personal project in development that combines the feed/follow aspect of social networks like Twitter with the utility of pet adoption aggregators such as and The objective is to facilitate easier fundraising for 501c/non-profit facilities by allowing end users to receive status updates and sponsor specific pets.

It is built using Symfony 3.x, MySQL and JS/jQuery. It consumes external listings via Adopt A Pet’s RESTful API.